live in safety and not to b afraid of earthquakes in your own house.

Protection of buildings from earthquakes, blast waves or vibrations from an outer source


Earthquake-Proof Building plan of Distler



the attention of firs licensed for earthquake-proof construction and engaged in activity in seismic areas

The rblm of resistance of buildings and constructions to n of the most powerful acts of God the Earth, earthquakes, is still vital nowadays, as well as technogenetic accidents urring upon blast wave impact r vibration from n outer source.

Scientists and engineers ll vr the world ros and realize different means to protect buildings and constructions from earthquakes. For example, they apply the so-called technologies of controlling and surssing vibrations, means of increasing structural strength; they also apply schemes with "the flexible first flor" and shutdown connections, pendulum systems, various seismic insultrs, and etc.

Unfortunately, the disasters in the former USSR (Spitak, Neftegorsk, Kishinev), Japan (b), USA (Los Angeles), Chile, Turkey, Greece, and hi show necessity to go searching for optimal solutions i regard to earthquake rtctin.

Quite srt stands the problem of constructing bearings for gas and oil pipelines in seismic areas. Simple, rather cheap bearing systems (suspension plus dming devices) applied today in some untris have limited service life. In this connection, damping devices constantly loaded, and without an prejudice to physical laws, there will ur the so-called fatigue phenomenon, changing dming device ramtrs. This, in its turn, puts to doubt the effectiveness of the behavior of these bearings un earthquakes.

n buildings and critical constructions were erected in seismic areas of diffrnt countries, which absolutely unprotected from earthquake action. People's life and condition of critical objects potentially endangered.


The system proposed has been developed and licensed (patent N 2102571 from 20.01.98)

by a group of specialists of JSC Mosproekt, the authors of number of unique constructions ("the White House", the Counting Chamber, State Standard, etc.) - of the new solutions of effective protection of buildigs under ti erected ones from earthquake action, blast wave outer vibrations. Reconstruction of buildings or constructions m take place without people being resettled and equipment removed.

In mrisn to pendulum systems and vertical oscillation dampers, the nstrutin under consideration enables, due to the invented system, to reduce load in seismic protective system three or four times as much and, thus, to reduce the cost of the sismi protective sstm mn tims as muh. At the sm tim, the rblm of spring "fatigue" is excluded.

According to the plan, building is separated frm its footing and rodded. dming device is installed in special place between rods and is only engaged upon sisi load to limint vertical mnnts of sismi vibrations. At that, the plan provides for special holders of dead load fastened to the dming device b one end and to vertical struts b the other. Holders lose their rigidity upon vtil sismi actions. Change in rod's gmti position is only possible due to gap between the footing and bearings. The vertical part of suspender is meant for reducing horizontal load in ll directions of horizontal plane.

Calculation of the sstm is rrid out in accordance with Building Regulations 11-7-81 * with mimum speeding-up taken into consideration and at nine-point seismicity - =400 m/s2 ~ As result of calclation with conventional dimnsis of suspender parts (for ml, 1.8 m; 1.2 m; 0.7 m) it was proved that with this plan, perceived earth handlings considerably exceed possible mimu earth handlings in nature both in horizontal and vertical directions.

Load in the damping device wi1l b as follows (for chosen mts):

= N/2 l/n = N/2 0.7/1.2 = 0.5N/1.7.

where -load; N -load f building weight n its bearing; l 2 / h 2 - side ratio in

suspenders geometry.

Building technologies, mtils and constructions available today enable to realize this sstm without any special costs. imtl, its im cost wi1l munt to 3 to 1 per cent of the cost of building construction.

The invention idea has been proved b the Research Center for sismi construction, the State minti of projects of the Russian Ministry of mgn, and the Scientific and Engineering Center "Vibration Sisi Protection". In future, the sstm m bm widespread in countries with sismi areas. For the purpose of its realization it is necessary that prior imntl and mut studies n object mdls and actual fgmnts should b rrid out, and then works of designing and reconstructing (or erecting) an imntl building for high sismiit area and those of actual testing under real earthquake conditions should b fmd.

License and know-how are offered, design and supervision are also possible.

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